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    Broduer Partners provides services to domestic and international clients in various industries including Consumer, manufacturing, IT, Healthcare, Financial services and Public Affairs.
    We helped them get to new places, but they did the same for us- broadening our experience, increasing our relevance and transforming our practice. This is the image Brodeur Partners strives to become.




    • Kolon Group, Corporate Brand Identity Re-positioning Consulting
    • Bayer Schering Parma, Post Merging Integration Communication
    • Korean IT Equipment Company, M&A Change Management Strategy Development and Execution
    • Global Household Company B, Corporate Governance related Issue Management
    • Samsung SDS, Brand Identity and Slogan Development
    • A Company, Company Brand Renewal Project
    • Kia Motors, 5 Global Social Media Platform Integration and Management
    • Kia Motors, Global Social Campaign
    • LG Mobile, Global Digital Marketing and Digital Brand Strategy Development
    • LG Mobile, Global Social Monitoring and Analysis
    • Hankook Tire, Global Facebook Management
    • AVEDA, facebook Operational Planning and Training
    • LAB SERIES, facebook Operational Planning and Training
    • Mars Korea, Social Communication Training
    • Sony Ericsson, Online Communication Strategy Development for X10 Launch
    • NVIDIA, Online Influencer Mapping and Social Marketing
    • Interpark, Online Communication Strategy Development for ebook biscuit
    • ELLE, Online Influencer Indexing
    • AMOREPACIFIC, Global Marketing Communication and CPR Consulting
    • Corning, Corporate Image Branding and Product PR/MPR
    • GoPro, Product Marketing and PR
    • Kim’s Eye Hospital, Medical Service PR and Strategic Communication Consulting
    • Sam-A Aluminum Co., Internal/Team Communication Program Development for Change Management
    • Korean Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Online Strategy Development for Cervical Cancer Prevention: Purple Ribbon Campaign
    • Kolon Group, Global Issue Management
    • Korea H Company, Issue Management
    • Korea B Insurance Company, Insurance Product Issue Management
    • Korea I University, Global Litigation Support Communication
    • Korea C Entertainment Company, Litigation Related Issue Management
    • Korea Ginseng Corp., Jung Kwan Jang China Brand Strategy Consulting
    • Yonsei University, Brand Strategy Consulting
    • Sungkyun Kwan University, Brand Strategy Consulting
    • Korea Gas Corporation, Corporate Brand Strategy Consulting
    • Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Corporate Brand Strategy Consulting
    • Adidas, Brand and Marketing Strategy Consulting


    • Gyeongsanbuk-Do, Energy Theme Park Business Planning and Communication Consulting
    • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea National Tourism Global Brand Marketing Strategy Consulting
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government, Global Finance Hub City Branding Strategy Consulting
    • Gyeonggi-Do Provincial Government, GTX Issue Communication
    • 2012 World Conservation Congress, Digital Communication
    • 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, Digital Communication and Domestic and Foreign Media Program Support

    Public Service/Policy

    • Ministry of Health & Welfare, Increase Awareness of Korea’s Low Birth Rate and Aging Society
    • Ministry of Health & Welfare, Issue Management Communication and PR Campaign after the introduction of the Act on Long-Term Care Insurance for the Aged
    • Ministry of Security and Public Administration, Online Communication Activity Analysis and Strategy Consulting
    • Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, Issue Management Consulting
    • Green Growth Korea, Green Growth Policy Branding Strategy Consulting


    • B Group, CEO PI Strategy Consulting and Training
    • Blue House, President Diplomacy Outcome Evaluation and Global PI Strategy Research
    • Government Ministry, Minister, Vice-Minister, MI Strategy Consulting and Training