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    Communications can be led to a fruitful result, with enhanced relevance and shared experience.

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    Traditional PR tactics and strategies aren’t enough anymore. Today’s world is top-down and bottom-up.
    Public relations is no longer about “pitching” media and pushing out news, but rather about two-way community building, conversations, collaboration and generating content that compels others to share it. It’s all about pooling the individual thoughts of the masses into collective, virtual communities.

    Brodeur Communications is in the thick of this revolution. We focus on providing relevance between public and brand, sharing experience, and building continued momentum to enhance that experience. All of these activities are based upon the perfect combination of traditional and new media.


    Brand Positioning & Messaging
    How can a company differentiate itself when it is difficult to achieve? To help our clients to solve this problem in a market saturated with an excessive supply, Brodeur Partners explores how a brand positions itself in a way highly relevant to its customers, by finding out the common ground between relevance and uniqueness.

    New Brand Launch
    When launching a new product or service, it is essential to gain an insight into the target market and customers. Brodeur Partners delivers the most effective marketing communication solutions utilizing our network of experts in both domestic and overseas market.

    Brand Revitalization
    In most cases, a forgotten brand becomes a talk of the town when its relevance gets rediscovered. Brodeur Communications enables you to regain the opportunity for brand rediscovery.

    Issue & Crisis Management
    Having accumulated professional experiences in litigation, labor relations, product liability, stockholder management, Brodeur Partner’s experts offer you the industry’s best issue & crisis management service from strategy development to program execution. In cooperation with our specialists in traditional and new media platforms, the service in this area brings you the distinguished solution.

    Corporate PR/CSR
    The more attention a company receives from the market, the better corporate image it should build and retain. Our services for CPR/CSR are focused on communication activities to confirm its business legitimacy and secure customer supports.

    Media Relations
    Brodeur Partners’ professionals have maintained a strong relationship with influential media and effectively delivered messages our clients want. We have constantly studied how to form a social consensus and intercommunicate with public.

    Media Council
    We elaborate stories to maximize the PR effect of corporate image or products based upon our deep understanding on media, while helping our client to build strong media relationship.

    Media Training
    Brodeur Communications delivers training programs to better understand media, effectively deliver streamlined information, and deal with media in a careful and professional manner.

    Traditional Media & New Media
    Brodeur Communications provides differentiated communication services for new media environment including social network services, as well as traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

    Global Communication Planning & Execution
    We offer the marketing communication solutions specialized and optimized for companies that are expanding their businesses into global market. The strategic approach and execution programs enable our clients to effectively operate their marketing communication programs in each region/country under an integrated global strategy.

    Agency Hiring &Network Set-up
    With a global network of top-tier marketing and communication specialists, Brodeur Partners deliver consulting services to hire specific agencies in each local market and establish/run a global network and operating system.

    Global-Local Communication Management & Operation
    In the early stage of operating an organization globally, every corporation goes through a hard time to seamlessly share information and run a reporting system. It forms a bottleneck in marketing communication activities and creates late response to local problems, raising critical issues globally. With rich experience, we offer consulting services to set up a reporting and evaluation system between headquarter and local offices