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    Through digital networks, people learn a new way of making relationships and share their thoughts and voices with others. They invite you to understand their everyday life and express sympathy for them. Brodeur Partners understands this relationship as ‘Relevance’.

    Brodeur Digital plans, executes and analyzes brand experience to find ‘relevance’ from people’s way of living, interests and behavior pattern.

    Brodeur Digital is eager to help enterprises and brands to realize three important things;

    Leverage customers relevant to the value they seek,
    Share the enjoyable and meaningful experience with customers,
    And build a customer relationship to depend upon each other.

    Without being limited into a specific service or technique, Brodeur Digital suggests the most suitable methodologies and strategies, considering communications and ‘relevance’. In addition to brand campaign, we pursue the best process to timely deal with any critical moments such as issues and public affairs.

    To turn them into real-life application, Brodeur Digital takes a policy of Open Partnership that, for every case, we choose the finest partner in each region or country from a wide pool of professional consulting firms affiliated with us. We believe this unclosed network is leading us to provide the foremost service for our clients to realize ‘Shared Value’ with their customers in the business environment.

    Brand Experience Design
    Through analyzing customer experiences and brand recognition process, we deliver optimized solutions for creating the best brand experience, including specialized contents, media strategy and customer relationship management service.

    New Media Engagement / Social Engagement Framework (Penta-SystemSM)
    As a global marketing communication partner for KIA Motors and LG Electronics, Brodeur Digital has accumulated experience in enhancing customer communication through new media including SNS platforms. Penta-System is Brodeur Digital’s unique methodology for Social Engagement.

    Digital Campaign
    We drive our clients’ innovation toward an integrated marketing communication model by utilizing various new media including social media, mobile media, digital signage, smart home network and telemetrics.

    POE(Paid-Owned-Earned) Media Optimization
    Brodeur Digital promotes an optimized combination of your own contents with 3rd parties’ services like social media and other marketing activities such as advertizing and sponsorship, creating effective results from communication programs.

    Global-Local Management Guide
    Brodeur Digital enables a systemic marketing communication programs for enterprises that step into the global market, providing a standardized management tool and a knowledge/experience sharing system to create a synergy effect of marketing activities in different regions.

    Media Planning & Buying
    Brodeur Digital delivers agency service for optimized media planning and media buying, to help any brand or organization to accomplish its marketing communication objective through programs such as advertising promotion, corporate communications, social media marketing, brand campaign and digital marketing.

    Networked Agency Co-operation & Project Management
    We believe that emergence of new media and innovative technologies must not be a burden to our clients. Brodeur Digital provides a project management service to source the best solution providers from each different area and combine their capabilities, contributing to accomplish client’s business objectives.

    Social Media Presence Optimization & Influence Research
    We analyze how our clients and their brands are communicated in the social media environment, and explore and define who those influencing groups are in the communications field.

    Community &Insider Relations
    Brodeur Digital brings communication programs that support clients to share their values with influencers from key communities and highly relevant customers, and with such bonding experience, earn valuable relationship assets.

    KPI Management / KPI Optimization
    Brodeur Digital enables our client to predict and administer its performance outcome by setting and optimizing a management index that quantifies the communication objective.

    Contents Strategy
    We help our clients to find out what is the best approach to deliver contents that are the ultimate results of communication activities. Brodeur Digital provides services for creative strategies through which we can expect people’s changes in their perceptions as well as attitude.

    CS/Issue Management
    Enterprises and brands are facing a critical moment with the changes in new media environment. Our experts in digital as well as media and issue management protect the reputation of our clients from unexpected rumors and malicious opinions.

    Integrated Management tools and Infrastructure Audit & Consulting
    New terms for techniques and solutions are constantly arising in social media communication field, such as Voice Analysis and Campaign Management to name a few. Based upon accumulated knowledge and experiences, Brodeur Digital provides advices to support the introduction of these solutions and their actual operations.


    Social Conversation Monitoring & Analysis System

    • (Radian6,Sysomos, Meltwater, Hivetree, etc.)

    Campaign Management and Integrated SMMS

    • (Wildfire,Hootsuite, Sprinklr, thismmoment, etc.)