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    Brodeur Shift Positive

    Brodeur Partners dedicated to creating behavioral change programs that advance healthy living, the environment and other social issues.

    Here you’ll find, under one roof, a diverse set of experts with a track record of success in driving positive behavioral change.
    Our unique approach leverages state-of-the art behavioral science, creative thinking, public policy and social media perspectives to find the most efficient and effective “lever points” to drive positive change.
    Then we design unified, integrated and break-through creative programs that make change happen.

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    Our Brodeur ShiftPositive team has led or contributed to some of the most innovative and high impact behavior change programs; ‘Moment to Save’ campaign to save lives by making way for ambulances, in cooperation with InComm PR Foundation, Science education volunteer program for underprivileged children, the Ministry of Environment’s national biological sovereignty enhancement campaign, ‘Be a Mother’ campaign for the Ministry of Health & Welfare, and many other Public Affair projects on topics including energy policy.
    Rely on Brodeur ShiftPositive’s deep experience to catalyze measurable behavior change.

    Public Affairs
    In a keen conflict situation among influencers, Brodeur Partners implements strategic communications through specialized programs utilizing fact sheet, issue mapping, influencer analysis and agenda setting, to lead a successful decision making and change in behaviors.

    Public Campaign
    One key factor to lead behavior changes in public affairs is to find the common interests among stakeholders and set an elaborate target. We utilize AUASASM to suggest a sophisticated public campaign behavior-change model.

    Behavior Change Study & Methodology Development
    The study of communicology today has its root in behavioristic psychology. We have studied and analyzed numerous ways to apply behavioral science with today’s communication environment which involves technology and social media platforms to a great extent. With new and unique approach, Brodeur ShiftPositive has contributed to solve age-old problems of our clients.