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    Brodeur Strategy

    The opportunities for customer-focused strategic impact and value creation are monumental.

    Brodeur Strategy leverages proven methodologies that include industry sector profiles and landscapes; competitive intelligence and benchmarking; customer research; and rigorous analyses of client company capabilities, deficits, and opportunities.09 Strategy_image

    Using innovative, proprietary strategic models, we help our clients deploy existing customer “touch points” (while adding new ones, as appropriate) through the lens of “systems thinking.” This means moving from a collection of customer touch points to a system of touch points, using the goals of coordination, integration, and alignment to deliver a better customer experience.

    Brodeur Strategy enables our clients to realize the growth potential and create business opportunities, with its Vision & Value strategy that combines capabilities of employees and PI strategy that finds and optimizes CEO’s underlying value.

    Corporate Core Value Define and Vision Building
    We help you to find the answer to the question “what is the value of our existence?” and share it with your employees. Brodeur Strategy is the right partner to diagnose the core competency of your organization, understand your expectation and needs on the desirable future image, and establish your own vision, mission and value,

    Internal/Team Communication
    Internal members’ understanding and attitude is essentially important in an organization at the time of change and challenge, such as new business launching, market expansion, M&A and organizational restructuring. Brodeur Strategy can lead such a change to produce desired results with its strategic service for internal communication.

    Stakeholder & Influencer Marketing
    Brodeur Strategy specializes in helping an organization to build continued positive relationship with a wide variety of stakeholders and influencers who would make a significant impact on its businesses. We establish and execute relationship management strategies through which our clients could receive supports and endorsement from their stakeholders and influencers, on a specific issue.

    Leadership Branding & PI
    Under the pre-designed PI strategy, Brodeur Strategy provides communication training and coaching services for C-level executives to be well-prepared for any important occasions, comprehensively studying their personality, leadership style and communication pattern.