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    Corporate Responsibility

    Why do we exist?

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    Just like humans, an organization exists to find the purpose of living, and through the process, it grows, develops and becomes happy.

    We have a responsibility to convince our clients why they need us, while at the same time, internally engage our employees to have a shared vision. As a result, many organizations clearly define their vision and core values to fulfill this and communicate so that a consensus is reached internally and externally.

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    Brodeur Partners continually strives to find a solution/the answer to this question.

    Rather than being number one in the marketing communication service field, Brodeur Partners’ vision is to become a well-respected organization. In order to become a well-respected organization, Brodeur Partners wishes to not only contribute to business growth but also become a trustworthy partner to our clients and create shared value to society.

    Based on this principle, we aim to actively become a socially responsible organization both indirectly by not providing services to clients related to cigarettes, gambling, private loan and other similar fields, and directly by establishing its own public foundation to create shared value to society.

    Check out the homepage of InComm PR Foundation to learn more about ways Brodeur Partners strives to create a better world through better communication