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    Trust is a value commonly pursued among us all.

    Providing and maintaining the trust is the core of our corporate philosophy.
    Trust is something we believe that is for everyone who makes this business keep moving—our clients, employees, investors and partners.

    For Clients
    We build trust through thoughtful proposals, successful execution, and transparent cost management.
    Clients will meet an honest and professional partner who can provide unexpected yet frank solutions.

    For shareholders and employees
    We create an environment that respects characters and potential of every individual, and encourages every employee to thrive as a communication professional. We believe building that trust is the most effective people management exercise than any other system. Through opening business operation status and sharing profits fairly, we fulfill our economic responsibility to our investors and employees.

    For partners
    Media environment is becoming more diverse and complicated nowadays. Finding the best solution requires a wide range of partnerships. Brodeur Partners follows the ‘Open Partnership’ policy, striving to mutually benefit and grow with our partners.

    With the society
    Communication creates social influence which often requires for a social responsibility. Along these lines, Brodeur Partners has established and supported InComm PR Foundation (Board Executive: Young S. Sohn) to proactively help out various social responsibility efforts.